This "giving-calendar" is produced for the non-profit organisation Unite 2 Learn by myself and Art Director/Designer Lisa Liljenberg

We wanted to do a creative project and combine my role as an Illustrator with Lisa's expertise within Art Direction. During our very first workshop we decided that it would be great to produce something that would actually come to use, preferably for a good cause.

Since we both have worked with Unite 2 Learn before and truly believe in what they do,
we asked if they would like to be a part of our project.

Our idea was to create a calendar for them, 
in which we highlight their projects and work in Arusha, Tanzania. 
The 2022 calendar will be available for purchase later this year! 
Our goal was to provide design, information and function in one product.

1) An aesthetic product where the illustrations would be on display
2) A product you can interact with if you would like to support U2L
3) A product people would actually use and appreciate as aesthetically appealing
4) Maintain, enhance and spread the positive and happy tonality of U2L
We decided on making a calendar where every month highlights a specific U2L project.
The illustrations gives a poetic and modern vibe to the photos from U2L, taken by the Photographer Josh Lowry in 2019.

 U2L informed us with important dates and happenings that we wanted to pay a little extra attention to during the year to come. The user can learn more about the projects and easily support them by scanning the QR codes with Swish.

About Unite 2 Learn:

"We believe that education is the key to development and a way out of poverty.
Our vision is continued development in Tanzania."

Unite 2 Learn is a non-profit organisation that works through the means of education, dissemination of information, communication, fundraising, global cooperation, sustainability and help to self-help methods.

They do this through their three focus areas:
EDUCATION, SRHR (Sexual and reproductive health rights) and

Read more here and join by supporting their projects!