I have always wanted to give back in some way,
therefore I have chosen to plant a tree for every product sold!
There is a company in Canada called TreeEra that helps individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change by funding tree planting worldwide in various ways.
They currently plant trees in Canada (British Columbia & Ontario), Africa and Costa Rica.
I chose to get involved with TreeEra because nature and the environment are close to my heart and I want to contribute to a better world.

Some facts about trees and their impact on the climate:
    🌱 Did you know that a single tree can compensate for up to one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime?
    🌱 A single tree can provide enough oxygen for an entire family of 4 people.
    🌱 Forests are responsible for absorbing a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans.
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