About me

My name is Nathalie Anna Gill and I am an Illustrator based in Stockholm.
It all started when I was a small child and finally could hold pencils and crayons!
Since then, I have simply not stopped drawing.

Years later, my biggest passions in life are still illustrating and creating.

My illustrations have clear lines, geometric patterns and strong colors.
I am inspired by uniqueness, beauty and style.

Nathalie Anna Gill is a one-woman show. 
I do all illustrations myself by hand with love and care.
All prints are printed to order to minimize paper waste.
I only use products and packaging with the environment and sustainability in mind..

The Perfect World Foundation
I have always wanted to give back in some way, therefore I have chosen to donate to
The Perfect World Foundation for each product sold.
I chose this organization because animals and nature lies close to my heart and I want to contribute to a better world.

Gold in Illustration > Design for Social Change
Silver in Illustration > Graphic Design
Indigo Design Award



Café Systrarna Andersson
Stockholm, Sweden

Stranger Things Nordic
Färgfabriken Stockholm, Sweden
Docken Copenhagen, Denmark

Hilton Stockholm Slussen
Stockholm, Sweden

Awesome Rags
Stockholm, Sweden


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